When I was 11, I was always hungry, getting off the school bus because I could smell my mum’s curry from the street and I’d race to the kitchen for a quick spoon directly off the pot.

I was never caught 😉

And that’s how a die-hard foodie was born! Day by day, I developed my palate with all my sneaky tasting experiments. Ever since I’ve loved exploring, cooking, and creating masterpieces in the kitchen.

But when I started cooking meals for my family every day, I found it time-consuming and messy. I was frazzled! There had to be another way. My mother had been able to feed 20 people in around 30 minutes.

Then I remembered: Mum had reinvented grandma’s curry into pastes she could freeze and use as a backup if family or friends dropped round. It was magic. Half an hour and there was a dish on the table.

I knew this was a genius idea and decided to try it myself.

I pre-made special curry pastes with quality, natural and curated ingredients, I slow-cooked and hand-stirred my creations.

Soon, my dinners became exotic. I was serving healthy, delicious meals in 30 minutes or less that blew my family and friends away.

My family started spending quality time together, dining and talking. My kids began eating veggies (and now they cook a mean curry too!)

Over the years I’ve grown a fan club with my innovative concoctions. When people started asking me how I was doing it, I shared my curry pastes with them and said, “All you need to do is choose your protein and veggies, add liquid (like water, broth, cream, yoghurt, or coconut milk) and simmer until cooked.”

That’s how my business was born. I believe happy healthy bellies create a happy healthy family and I want to help as many families as possible create simple Asian- inspired tasty foods.

My curry pastes are inspired from my rich Asian heritage. It’s a melting pot of cultures — topped with my experiences from living in Singapore, Malaysia and Switzerland. My culinary expeditions have given me a strong sense of identity.

My curry pastes have been featured at the farmer’s market, became a top-selling product at a gourmet artisan pie shop, and now can be delivered fresh to your home.

I hope you enjoy the products from my kitchen. Slow-cooked, hand-stirred, small batch quality ingredients curry pastes, inspired by my mom and grandma’s charcoal fire cooking!