Madras Fusion

Seafood medley drenched in coconut cream


500g to 1kg fresh seafood (such as – Groper, Snapper, Salmon, Prawns)


1/2 to 1 pot of Kavita’s Kitchen Madras Fusion, quantity can differ depending on quanity of seafood or personal taste.


200 to 300g Okra (Lady Fingers)


1 Aubergine aka Egg Plant


1/2 to 3/4 Coconut Cream


Season with Salt to taste


Small dash of oil




1. Slice your chosen seafood into bite sized cubes.

2. Using the Madras Fusion paste marinade seafood until coated, then set aside.

3. Wash, dry, and slit the Okra

4. Cube the Aubergine, again into bite sized pieces.

5. Add a small amount of oil to the fry pan and set to medium heat. Once heated add both the Aubergine and Okra with a pinch of salt until softened but still a tad firm.

Note: the Okra is an underrated veggie due to the external texture (slime). Continue to pan fry until it disappears. Trust me it’s worth it!

6. Add the remainder of the Madras paste together with the Coconut cream. Bring to a partial boil.

7. Add the cubed and marinated seafood and simmer until done. Watch out not to overcook!