Rogan Josh

Succulent Lamb


Lamb – 2kg with bone, 1kg without, diced


1/2 to 1 pot of Kavita’s Kitchen Rogan Josh curry paste, quantity can differ depending on amount of lamb or personal taste.




Small dash of oil




Chilli powder (optional)





1. Dice your Lamb into bite sized pieces.


2. Using the Rogan Josh paste, marinade your Lamb until coated, set this aside or 30 to 60 minutes. I love cooking with the bone in, unbeatable flavour!


3. Add oil to a pot and pan-fry on a medium heat to seal in the flavours. Take time with this step, ensure the meat is browned. Be careful not to burn it.


4. Once it starts to stick add 1 cup of water and simmer on a medium heat. Continue to add more water in small increments each time it starts to stick and continue to simmer until done.


Note: The consistency of the final dish should not be watery, continue to simmer until reduced.


5. Add salt and chilli to taste.

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